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Dave Scotland - CG Instructor & Lecturer



Dave Scotland has over 14 years of CG production knowledge and experience, working for some of the biggest clients in the entertainment industry including, Disney, Warner Bros. and Plastic Wax, just to name a few. He is the creator of CG Swot and is dedicated to bringing CG knowledge to anyone interested in learning...


Dave started out, in production, as a 3D Animator and Technical Director before moving into the world of Compositing, Digital Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. He has worked on various animated series which include "Duck Dodgers", "Dug the Dugong", "Disney's Lost Treasure" and dozens of Disney Modisodes. He has also worked on various game releases such as "50 to Life", "Constantine" and Hitman II".

Throughout his career, Dave has been drawn to the process of sharing his knowledge with others and has a definite gift for teaching quite technical procedures and techniques to both experienced and novice operators. This passion ultimately led him to start CG Swot. His aim is to create a community environment for learning industry techniques and practices, in a fun and easy-to-follow style...



This webinar has already been broadcast, however, you can download the complete Webinar recording by using the download link below...





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