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Exploring Multipass Rendering - Complete Video Workshop


An in-depth look at "Multipass Rendering" including a Step-by-step video tutorial guide on how to set up and composite multipass elements...



The Aim of this Workshop is to familiarize you with the principles of “Multipass Rendering” and to illustrate the procedures required to achieve various rendered passes, for use in various compositing software like Adobe After Effects. This is a step-by-step video tutorial, utilizing real software and techniques...

At the conclusion of the workshop, and with further practice, participants will be able to;

  • Identify the various 3D render passes available for use in compositing a scene.

  • Identify the advantages of multipass rendering and how these advantages are implemented in production.

  • Set up the 3D scene in preparation for rendering, using multipass render techniques.

  • Implement standard file naming conventions and organize multipass rendered files into meaningful folder structures.

  • Create a compositing project file and import the various rendered layers.

  • Correctly layer, multipass rendered layers, in After Effects including implementation of correct layer styles for perfect layer compositing.

  • Make adjustments to the composited layers and give examples of various compositing effects which utilize multipass layer information...
  • Render a final “hero render” from the compositing software.



You will receive all of the source files needed to follow the workshop and to practice at your own pace, including 3D, After Effects and Photoshop files...

We have also included the Q+A portion of our Live Webinar Master Class "Exploring Multipass Rendering". You will be able to take advantage of hearing the questions posted by the live audience and then hear the answers given in response. If you think this is a valuable way to learn and you would like to interact with the instructor live, don't miss out on our next exciting webinar Master Class event...


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