Live Webinar Series

Animation Salvation

anim-salv-promo has set out to bring traditional animation studio training to every animator everywhere!


  • Imagine being able to work on your animation with top Industry Professionals watching over your shoulder?

  • Imagine getting personal tips on your shot from animators who've got more than 10 years experience.

  • Imagine having a library of animation articles on Acting, Principles and Animation Work-flow.

  • Imagine having a library of reference footage freely available.

The webinar includes a live tutorial in "Animation Blocking" by DJ Nicke, together with a personal tour of Animation Salvation, a fantastic web community site, specifically designed for animators...

This webinar has already been broadcast, however, you can download the complete Webinar recording by using the download link below...


Webinar Giveaway WINNERS

"Snotty the Snail" Complete Workshop (Valued at $29.95 USD) - Marina Mikeladze

"Snotty the Snail" Complete Workshop (Valued at $29.95 USD) - Leigh Ausiello

Animation Salvation One-on-One Professional Showreel Critique (Valued at $80.00 USD) - TBA


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